Hair Tips.

Here are a few tips if you are anticipating an upcoming haircut or salon visit for your child with special needs.


Make sure your child is calm and less energized after a physical activity so they can sit still at the barbershop/salon.


If there isn’t one available in your area, check with friends and family with children to see where they take their children to, and who they do and do not recommend. You will be happier to find a place that possibly has a treasury of distractions such as fun chairs, toys, televisions with children’s shows, a mirror or comb to hold, etc.


If you cannot find a great children’s barbershop/salon or had a negative experience the first time around; do yourself and your child a favor and pack your own distractions! Bring coloring books, stickers, drinks, or whatever you think may be great distractions and a novel to capture your child’s attention for a few minutes.

Prioritize Comfort

Bring any equipment along with you that your child can successfully sit as upright as possible in and have the barber cut their hair or trim/style their hair at a salon while sitting in the familiar equipment.

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