Fall/Winter Activities.

Keeping kids busy is a full time job and finding fun options for kids with disabilities can be even more challenging. A great place to start is to find activities your child is interested in and build adaptations from there.

*Visit an apple orchard.
*Make apple crisp.
*Have an apple cider “tea” party.
*Bake apple chips.
*Make an apple stamp.
*Make handprint leaves.
*Jump into a leaf pile.
*Paint wooden crafts.
*Make popcorn balls.
*Play “I Spy” during a nature walk.
*Collect and identify leaves.
*Press leaves into a photo album.
*Visit a zoo.
*Take a hayride.
*Get lost in a corn maze.
*Visit a pick-your-own pumpkin patch.
*Have a pumpkin-carving party.
*Toast the pumpkin seeds from your carved pumpkin.
*Decorate pumpkins with paint, markers or stickers.
*Enter your decorated pumpkin into a local contest, or have your own!
*Roll down hills and listen to crunching leaves beneath you.
*Create a holiday centerpiece out of gourds.
*Bake seasonal cookies.
*Make pumpkin ice cream.
*Visit a park and bring along a tree or bird guidebook.
*Take a family bike ride.
*Collect acorns and paint faces on them.
*Bake pumpkin bars.
*Decorate your yard with hay bales.
*Arrange artificial autumnal flowers in festive pots.
*Make squirrels out of toilet paper tubes.
*Iron leaves between two sheets of waxed paper and hang them in the window.
*Make hot chocolate with marshmallows.
*Host a make-your-own-pizza party.
*Go on a color walk, gathering outside “treasures” in yellow, orange, red and brown.
*Play hide-and-seek with glow sticks.
*Set up a fire pit.
*Make s’mores outside.
*Make caramel apples.
*Host a fall-themed scavenger hunt.
*Visit an indoor water park.
*Make apples out of pipe cleaners.
*Play on indoor trampolines.
*Visit an arboretum.
*Make Crock-Pot applesauce.
*Attend a local harvest festival.
*Visit a farm.
*Make owls out of brown paper lunch bags.
*Attend a parade.
*Take a drive to view the colorful foliage.
*Make owls out of toilet paper rolls.
*Schedule an outdoor family photo shoot.
*Go stargazing.
Make stamps out of wine corks.
*Draw a tree trunk and use your wine cork stamps to paint leaves.
*Collect pinecones to decorate a mantle or tabletop.
*Plant spring bulbs.
*Make spider decorations using black construction paper and googly eyes.
*Tell stories by the fireplace.
*Trace a tree pattern by placing a piece of paper on the trunk and rubbing a colored pencil over it.
*Use pumpkin-shaped cookie cutters to make festive gelatin.
*Plant an indoor herb garden.
*Play on straw bales.
*Build a leaf fort.
*Create pinecone birds using craft feathers and googly eyes.
*Make rice crispy treats with pumpkin puree.
*Visit a children’s museum.
*Create a paper-plate apple.
*Make chicken soup/stews.
*Put all of your children’s seasonal crafts into a memory book.
*Use tissue paper to create “stained glass” windows in fall shapes.
*Have an apple taste-test.
*Bake a seasonal berry crisp.
*String popcorn and cranberries into garlands for decorating.
*Snow Angels.
*Ice Skating.
*Build a Snowman.
*Build a Igloo.
* Ice Fishing.
*Snowball Fight.





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