Money-Saving Tips.

Make the Most of Limited Time
Caring for a disabled child can become a full-time job,this level of time commitment on the parent’s part makes it difficult to maintain traditional employment. Some parents cut back to part time, but often one parent gives up work entirely. Working from home as a freelancer or entrepreneur can allow the caregiving parent to generate income on their own schedule while continuing to take care of the child.

Check into Tax Credits
Just as the government often provides supplemental income, it also has several tax deductions and credits offered through the IRS when filing taxes. For example, some families may be able to deduct legal and medical expenses. Choosing a good accountant can help individuals save the most money possible.

Free iPads, Apps, & Speech Therapy

Small Steps in Speech funds supplemental treatments and therapies not covered by insurance for children with language and speech disorder, along with grants to purchase communication devices.

Danny’s Wish provides iPads to kids with autism.

The itaalk Autism Foundation has an App Facilitator Program that provides kids with disabilities of all kinds with up to $250 in free apps per calendar year.

Free Wheelchairs and Bikes

Wheelchairs 4 Kids provides wheelchairs to children, and can also assist with ramps, wheelchair lifts, and home modifications.

Variety-The Children’s Charity gifts manual and powered wheelchairs to children along with adaptive bikes, along with walkers, and other gait assistance gear.

Free Customized Songs

The non-profit Songs of Love Foundation creates custom songs for kids and teens facing medical, physical, and emotional challenges. They’ll create professionally-produced lyrics featuring the child’s name and references his or her favorite stuff, with a performer singing it.

Free Photo Shoot

Families of kids with special needs who are stretched thin with medical or therapy bills may apply for a Smiles for Katie Family Photo Grant, through Special Kids Photography of America (SKPA) to receive a free photo shoot and 8 x 10 photo. The grant is named after a four-year-old with Down syndrome, Katie, who passed away while on vacation with her family.

Free Books

The National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped offers free braille and audio materials—via postage-free mail—to people who have visual or physical impairments that prevent them from reading or using standard print materials. They also have musical scores in braille and large print.

Free Plane Trip Rehearsals

The Arc’s Wings for Autism—a national program—allows individuals with autism (along with their families) to “rehearse” a plane flight, complete with obtaining boarding passes, going through security and boarding a plane.

Grants/Funding Programs

Building Blocks for Kids: This nonprofit bridges the funding gap for products and services for children with physical, emotional, and developmental challenges; helps pay for therapies, home modifications, hearing aids and wheelchairs.

Different Needz Foundation: Awards annual grants to individuals with developmental disabilities.

First Hand Foundation: Provides grants that cover assistive technology and other equipment, treatment, vehicle modifications, and displacement expenses for families of kids who have to travel during treatment.

ACT Today! Has a grant program for assessments, treatments, and life support for children with autism, plus an Act Today! SOS grant for immediate and imperative needs.

There are non-profits that also grant wishes for children with disabilities, chronic illness, & physical challenges including Dream Factory and Sunshine Foundation.

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